Home Blockchain News A startup is asking you to sell your genetic data using blockchain technology.

A startup is asking you to sell your genetic data using blockchain technology.

by Michael Stark

Nebula Genomics: A New Approach to Genome Sequencing and Sharing

H2: Unlocking the Potential of Genome Sequencing
In the world of genome sequencing, Nebula Genomics is shaking things up by offering a unique approach to incentivize more people to sequence their genomes. Despite the decreasing cost of sequencing, only one to two million people have taken the plunge due to privacy and cost concerns. However, whole genomes have become invaluable for medical research, giving researchers unprecedented power to understand human diseases and develop targeted drugs. This has led to the need for more genomes, which means convincing more people to share their DNA.

H3: Nebula’s Competitive Edge
Nebula believes it can do a better job than its competitors by offering whole genome sequencing for less than $1,000 in partnership with Veritas Genetics, and superior genetic insights. While typical DNA tests only reveal common mutations, whole genome sequencing can uncover rare disease genes and uncharted parts of the genome unknown to traditional tests.

H3: The Nebula Platform
On the Nebula platform, individuals can choose to get sequenced and not sell their genetic data. However, those who do choose to share their genomes will be connected directly to interested researchers, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, cutting out the middlemen and allowing sellers to be paid in cryptocurrency called ‘Nebula tokens’. Prospective sellers can also take a survey that shares details about their medical and family history, and if buyers become interested, they can offer to pay the individual’s sequencing costs.

H3: Addressing Concerns
While the field of personal genomics is faced with challenges such as security, Nebula addresses these concerns by using the secure, independent, and transaction-tracking architecture of the blockchain. This allows buyers to analyze genetic data without seeing the information in plaintext, safeguarding sellers’ data and maintaining their anonymity. Nebula aims to improve ownership of genomic data and provide a secure platform for sharing and analyzing genetic information.

H3: Streamlining Data Access
Nebula’s ultimate goal is to draw together various genomic projects into a single platform, streamlining data access and making it easier to obtain large genetic datasets. This approach aims to create an explosion of genomic data by removing obstacles and making it more accessible for research and medical advancements.

In conclusion, Nebula Genomics is revolutionizing the field of personal genomics by providing a platform that incentivizes genome sequencing, addresses privacy and security concerns, and streamlines data access for researchers and biotech companies. With their unique approach, Nebula is poised to make a significant impact on the field of genome sequencing and medical research.

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