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Bomb threat leads to evacuation of American Dream mall on Black Friday

by Michael Stark

American Dream Mall Evacuated on Black Friday After Bomb Threat

On Black Friday, New Jersey’s American Dream mall, the second largest mall in the country, faced a bomb threat that led to the evacuation of the entire facility. The bomb threat was later deemed unfounded, and the mall was reopened for shoppers and retail workers.

### Bomb Threat and Evacuation
At 7:13 a.m. ET, just minutes after American Dream opened its doors at 7 a.m., a person informed the police about the presence of a bomb inside the facility, triggering the evacuation of the mall. The New Jersey State Police, alongside the bomb and K-9 units, conducted a thorough search of the mall for explosive devices but did not find any. The authorities reopened the mall around 9:15 a.m. for shoppers and retail workers.

### Mall Deemed Safe
Following the bomb threat, a spokesperson for the New Jersey State Police stated, “The mall has been deemed safe and American Dream will be returning to normal operations. This is still an active investigation and there is no additional information available.” The mall management also confirmed the safety of the facility, mentioning that the evacuation was done as a precautionary measure and that the center has already been reopened.

### Governor’s Response
Prior to the reopening of the mall, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy took to social media to address the situation. He urged shoppers to follow the instructions from law enforcement and safely exit the mall. After the mall was reopened, he reassured the public of their safety during the holiday season, emphasizing the need to remain vigilant.

### Black Friday Risks
The bomb threat and evacuation occurred on Black Friday, the largest shopping day of the year, which posed unique risks to retailers due to the expected influx of shoppers. The shopping holiday has historically seen large crowds, leading to incidents such as fights between customers and stampedes causing injuries. Additionally, the nationwide increase in mass shooting events has raised concerns for the safety of shoppers and retail workers, prompting heightened security measures.

In conclusion, the bomb threat at the American Dream mall disrupted the Black Friday shopping experience for many, but the swift action of law enforcement and the mall management ensured the safety of the public. As shoppers continue to seek out holiday deals, the incident serves as a reminder of the need for heightened security during the busy shopping season.

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