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Cramer’s interpretation of the significant low point of 2023

by Michael Stark

Title: Unpredictable Rally: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Stock Market Surge

Throughout the stock market, no significant warning signs emerged to indicate the unexpected and powerful rally experienced over the past few weeks. Despite being in the midst of earnings season, the genuine surprises that typically accompany such a surge were minimal. The complex factors contributing to this rally shed light on the intricate dynamics of the stock market and its remarkable resilience against conventional expectations.

The Ignored Federal Reserve Influence
Amidst the two-step bottoming process – marked by the peak in bond yields on October 17th and the nadir in stocks on October 28th – the Federal Reserve remained surprisingly inconspicuous. The lack of significant news or prompts from the Fed during this critical period underscores the notion that major stock movements often occur without explicit triggers or visible indicators.

Supply and Demand Predicament
In the earlier part of October, ahead of the peak in rates, the market grappled with a supply-and-demand problem. Treasury’s approach to Treasury offerings seemed tone-deaf, overwhelming demand with an excess of auctions. This, coupled with a sizable number of funds already long on bonds, posed a significant challenge, especially in the face of persistent inflation that refused to relent. The conventional wisdom about the relationship between stocks and bonds further stymied an upward market momentum.

Earnings and Macroeconomic Data Inconclusive
Even the earnings reports and macroeconomic data failed to provide any inkling of the impending rally. Tesla’s disappointing earnings were counteracted by Microsoft’s upbeat performance, while other tech giants such as Alphabet and Apple fared averagely. Similarly, macroeconomic data did not signal the imminent rally, only confirming it post-facto.

The Surprising Turn of Events
The unlikely triggers for the unexpected rally eventually emerged. Notably, the lighter forecast for Treasury’s debt refunding schedule in 2024 and the lower-than-expected job creation figures both played pivotal roles. However, both these indicators failed to provide any tangible indications before the top in bond yields and the bottom in stocks.

Inflection Point
The market’s oversold position was perhaps the sole indicator that forecasted the coming rally with accuracy. It was a compelling sign that the entire market was skewed in the wrong direction, and when the demand surpassed supply, the market rallied, much to everyone’s surprise.

The unparalleled surge in both the bond and stock markets emphasizes the dynamic nature of the financial landscape. As smart buyers sensed an opportunity to pick up stocks, the rally gathered momentum. The eventual end of this run remains uncertain, but it is likely to coincide with significant stock market offerings and potential disruptions in the bond market. Ultimately, the unpredictable bottom of the market in 2023 leaves a lasting impression, challenging conventional market dynamics and assumptions.

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