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iRobot, Nvidia, and Apple among others

by Michael Stark

Amazon’s Acquisition of iRobot and Sales Report Impact Tech Stocks

Tech stocks were in the spotlight pre-market as several companies made headlines. Here are the latest developments:

iRobot’s Surge

iRobot’s stock surged by 30% after a Reuters report, citing sources familiar with the matter, said Amazon is close to securing regulatory approval in the European Union for its $1.4 billion acquisition of the robot vacuum maker.

Nvidia’s Delay

Nvidia shares fell by 1.8% after Reuters, citing sources, reported that the chipmaker told its China clients it would be delaying the chip designed to comply with U.S. export restrictions until next year.

Apple’s China Sales Drop

Apple shares saw a slight decrease of 0.2% after a Reuters report, citing data from Counterpoint Research, revealed a drop in smartphone sales during China’s recent Singles Day.

Retail Stocks Higher

Retail stocks were on the rise as investors kept an eye on Black Friday trends to gauge the health of the consumer. Walmart and Target both saw a 0.2% increase, while Amazon and Best Buy shares advanced by 0.1% each.

Fisker’s Rise

Automotive stock Fisker rose by 8% after the company filed a 10Q, previously delayed, with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company also announced changes to its finance leadership team.

The Impact

The news of Amazon’s potential acquisition of iRobot sent shockwaves through the market, leading to a significant surge in iRobot’s stock. On the other hand, Nvidia’s announcement of a delay in compliance with U.S. export restrictions contributed to a decline in the company’s shares. Apple’s slight dip in shares followed the report of decreased smartphone sales during Singles Day in China. However, the retail sector saw a positive trend as Black Friday approached, with companies like Walmart and Target experiencing an increase in stock value. Additionally, Fisker’s rise after filing its delayed 10Q and announcing changes in its finance leadership team brought attention to the automotive sector.

The future of these stocks and the overall tech industry remains uncertain, as they continue to be impacted by various global and market-specific factors. As investors and industry analysts closely monitor these developments, the market remains dynamic and responsive to the latest news and reports from key players in the tech and retail sectors.

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