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Tech executives say that AI is giving Big Tech an excessive amount of power.

by Michael Stark

**Title: Concerns About AI Development Falling Into Too Few Companies’ Hands**

**Tech Execs Raise Concerns About AI Development**

Tech executives have recently expressed concern about the increasing concentration of the development of artificial intelligence in the hands of only a few companies, which may give them excessive control over the rapidly evolving technology.

The rising interest in AI technology was largely spurred by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot that possesses a unique way to respond to user prompts. This led to what is now being called an “AI arms race” within the tech industry, as major companies such as Microsoft and Google work to develop and launch their own AI models, requiring immense computing power.

According to Meredith Whittaker, the president of Signal, a leading encrypted messaging app, the current scenario places significant power and control over our lives and institutions mainly in the hands of a few profit-oriented corporations. Whittaker’s disillusionment with this concentration of power was exacerbated by her experience at Google, where she was involved in a walkout protesting the company’s potential involvement in drone warfare through Project Maven.

Whittaker’s concerns regarding the AI technology are shared by Frank McCourt, who describes AI as a product of centralized corporate power and control. Both Whittaker and McCourt believe that the concentration of power among a small number of tech giants is a threat to the innovation and diversity necessary in the tech industry.

**Experts Voice Concerns About Centralized Data Control**

Whittaker and McCourt are part of a growing chorus of voices that believe that users are losing control of their data online, which is being exploited by technology giants for their gains. They warn that the development and deployment of AI models constructed on large language models will further deepen this centralized and autocratic surveillance technology.

In contrast, some industry heavyweights believe that despite the current dominance of tech giants, there is still space for disruption and open-source models. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, pointed to leaked Google memos and emphasized the potential threat open-source models pose to the current tech giants.

**Conclusion: The Future of AI and Data Control**

As the discussions surrounding the future of AI and data control continue, it is evident that the concentration of power among a few tech giants remains a significant concern. The viewpoints of key industry voices have underscored the necessity for more diverse and responsible approaches to AI and technology development.

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