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The central bank of Turkey raises interest rates by 500 basis points to 40%

by Michael Stark

Central Bank of Turkey Hikes Interest Rate by 500 Basis Points

In a surprise move, the Central Bank of Turkey hiked its key interest rate, the benchmark one-week repo rate, by 500 basis points to 40%. This significant increase was double what economists had expected, as they had forecast a 250-basis-point hike.

Combatting Inflation and Currency Concerns

The hike is viewed as a continuation of the bank’s efforts to combat high inflation and a falling lira, the Turkish currency. Inflation in Turkey soared to 61% in October, prompting the central bank to take aggressive action to stabilize the economy. The news of the interest rate hike saw the lira trading at 28.766 to the dollar, slightly stronger against the greenback.

Expert Reactions

Not many experts had predicted such a bold move by Turkey’s central bank. Timothy Ash, an emerging markets strategist at BlueBay Asset Management, was one of the few who anticipated the 500-basis-point hike. In a note, he commented that it was an impressive move by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, and emphasized the bank’s seriousness in fighting inflation.

Economic Challenges

Turkey’s decision to raise interest rates comes after a series of increases that have been difficult for Turkish citizens. The country has been grappling with years of skyrocketing inflation and a significantly weakened currency, largely due to the loose monetary policy implemented by the government in Ankara. The lira has depreciated by 35% against the dollar year to date and has lost over 80% of its value against the greenback over the last five years.


The decision by Turkey’s central bank to raise interest rates is a bold and aggressive move to address the country’s economic challenges. By taking proactive steps to combat inflation and stabilize the currency, the bank is demonstrating its commitment to managing the economic crisis. As the situation continues to evolve, further updates on Turkey’s economic policies and their impact will be forthcoming.

The central bank is making bold moves to secure the stability and the future of Turkey’s economy. As the country grapples with high inflation and a weakened currency, it is clear that decisive action is required to address these pressing economic concerns.

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