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The company reports that Okta hackers have taken data from all customer support users.

by Michael Stark

Okta Data Breach Exposes Customer Information

Hackers who targeted Okta’s customer support system have successfully stolen data from all of the cybersecurity firm’s customer support users, according to a letter from Okta to its clients on Tuesday. This revelation expands the scope of the breach and heightens the risk for affected customers.

Hacker Incursion and Expanded Scope

The breach affects all of Okta’s customer support users, exposing them to potential attacks or phishing attempts. Okta has assured that customers in government or Department of Defense environments were not impacted by the breach. The company has also stated that it is collaborating with a digital forensics firm to investigate the incident and will share the report with customers upon completion.

Target for Hackers

Okta offers identity management solutions to a wide range of businesses, making it a high-profile target for hackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to numerous potential targets. This has been evidenced by high-profile attacks on companies like MGM and Caesars, where threat actors used social engineering tactics to exploit IT helpdesks and target the companies’ Okta platforms, resulting in substantial financial losses.

Market Impact and Response

The initial disclosure of the breach resulted in a significant market reaction, with Okta’s share price dropping more than 11% and wiping out over $2 billion in market cap. Okta is set to report its fiscal third-quarter earnings after the bell on Wednesday.

Customers Notified

Okta has emphasized its commitment to notifying individuals affected by the breach and to providing support for affected customers. It has also announced that it will share the findings of the digital forensics investigation with its clients.


The data breach affecting Okta’s customer support system has far-reaching implications for the company and its customers. With the expanded scope of the breach, the potential risks for affected customers have significantly increased. Okta is working to address the situation and provide support to impacted individuals and businesses.

The impact of the breach on Okta’s market value is evident, with shareholders responding to the news. The company’s forthcoming earnings report will offer more insights into the financial fallout from the breach and Okta’s plans for recovery and future cybersecurity measures.

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