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This Is a Dating Red Flag for 64% of Men

by Michael Stark

New Survey Shows Identifying as Communist is a Red Flag for Men and Women in the Dating World

According to a recent survey by Change Research, identifying as a communist is the biggest red flag for men in the dating world, with a staggering 64% of men saying this political leaning would be a turnoff. This survey results demonstrate the impact of political and ideological differences on dating relationships.

Communism, a far-left ideology that advocates for communal ownership of wealth and property, may not sit well with potential partners in the United States. The survey also found that other political and social stances, such as identifying as a “MAGA Republican,” or having no hobbies, were also considered red flags. Interestingly, identifying as a “MAGA Republican” was an even bigger red flag for women, with 76% agreeing that this political affiliation would be undesirable in a partner.

Moreover, the survey revealed that men and women have increasingly divergent political views, potentially making it more challenging to find common ground in relationships. In 2021, 44% of women identified as liberal, compared to only 25% of men, according to the Survey for American Life.

People who date someone politically dissimilar are ‘generally less satisfied’

The widening political gap has made it harder to imagine dating someone who holds different political beliefs. Cynthia Peacock, an associate professor at the University of Alabama College of Communication and Information Sciences, stated that politics can relate to daily habits, including eating preferences, and media consumption. In a paper she recently published, she found that having a partner with conflicting political views can lead to less satisfaction in relationships and more intense conflicts between the partners.

Daniel Huff, a former adviser to the Donald Trump White House and founder of The Right Stuff, a dating app for conservatives, has experienced some discomfort when sharing his career and party affiliation on a date. He explained that dating someone with different political views has become increasingly challenging, and it is mainly driven by the increasing importance of political beliefs in people’s lives.

‘Dating is hard enough’

Alyssandra Tobin, a 29-year-old who identifies as more of a “leftist or anarchist,” has had unpleasant experiences when dating people with different political beliefs. As such, she has become more cautious about revealing her political leanings and introducing them slowly to see how the other person reacts.

The survey suggests that politically dissimilar relationships can lead to lower relationship satisfaction and intense conflicts. These findings emphasize the impact of political beliefs, lifestyle choices, and character on dating and relationship satisfaction.

In summary, the survey by Change Research and other research on the topic emphasize the importance of political and ideological alignment in relationships and the challenges of navigating politically divergent dating experiences.

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