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Solana’s Airdrop Season in Full Force

by Michael Stark

Kyber Network Exploiter Makes Demands and More in This Week’s DeFi News

Kyber Network Exploiter Demands Full Control
The world of DeFi has been buzzing this week with some major developments in various projects. One of the biggest stories to emerge was the news that the Kyber Network exploiter has released a long list of extreme demands to the team. These demands include full control over the protocol, putting the team in a critical position as they consider their next steps.

Chainlink Unveils Chainlink Staking v0.2
Another significant announcement came from Oracle protocol, Chainlink, as they officially deployed Chainlink Staking v0.2 on the Ethereum mainnet. Access to staking will open up in three phases, providing existing v0.1 stakers with the opportunity to migrate their positions, before being made available to Early Access users and then finally to the General Access.

Solana Airdrop Season in Full Swing
One of the biggest pieces of news in the DeFi world this week is the start of Solana airdrop season. Jito announced their upcoming airdrop, with 10% of the total supply of 100 million tokens designated for the airdrop. In addition to that, Solana DEX aggregator, Jupiter Exchange, also dropped their airdrop checker for users, adding to the excitement of airdrop season.

Product Launches and Updates
Several other product launches and updates were also revealed this week. Ethereum’s liquid staking protocol, Stakewise, unveiled Stakewise V3 on the Ethereum mainnet, introducing the ETH staking marketplace and their own liquid staking derivative (LSD) token, osETH. Velodrome and Aerodrome suffered a frontend exploit, Quickswap partnered up with Steer Protocol to bring V3 farms to Manta Pacific L2, and Cryptex Finance launched Pi, an on-chain perpetuals market.

Cosmos Founder Proposes Forking of Cosmos Hub
The DeFi world also saw a significant proposal from Cosmos co-founder Jae Kwon, who suggested forking the Cosmos Hub after a recent proposal to curb emissions was passed. The new chain, named AtomOne, along with its corresponding token, ATOM1, will be the focus of this proposed change.

Other Developments
Additional developments were announced across various projects, including the launch of DYdX chain with trading and trading rewards for successful trades, the announcement of Sei V2 by Cosmos-based L1, Sei, and the introduction of Myso Finance’s money platform for peer-to-peer swaps with zero slippage or swap fees.

Tweet of the Week
The week also saw the collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital founder, Su Zhu, announcing his return, after being arrested in late September earlier this year.

With so much happening this week, the world of DeFi continues to grow and evolve. Stay updated on your favorite projects and look out for next week’s edition for more exciting developments in the world of decentralized finance.

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