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The Rise of Bitcoin Above $41K: What Is Causing It?

by Michael Stark

Bitcoin Surges Above $41K, Approaching New Yearly High

Bitcoin has soared to another yearly high, reaching nearly $42,000. The cryptocurrency has experienced a significant uptrend of over 60% over the last two months, prompting questions about the factors behind this rally and where it may end.

Why Bitcoin Suddenly Catapulted to Highs
The last time Bitcoin traded above $40,000 was before the Terra crash, and several reasons may have contributed to this sudden price surge. One significant factor is the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, which could unlock as much as $70 billion in new demand for Bitcoin. The timeline for approval indicates that it could occur between January 5 and 10, with Bloomberg senior analysts putting the chances of approval at over 90%.

Additionally, Bitcoin is benefiting from macroeconomic tailwinds, as the inflation top seems to have been reached, and the Fed has ceased hiking rates. It is widely anticipated that the Fed will cut rates in 2024, potentially resulting in a 2.75% decrease over the year. Lower interest rates have a positive effect on crypto markets.

Furthermore, the upcoming halving, which will reduce the supply of Bitcoin and increase demand from institutional investors, has historically been bullish for the cryptocurrency.

$45K By New Year?
Analysts and traders are predicting a potential price of $45,000 by the end of the year, with options traders positioned bullishly and futures markets opening new premiums, suggesting possible short-term gains. Crypto Twitter traders are also expressing bullish sentiments, speculating that $46,000 might be in play.

The CMC Fear & Greed Index currently stands at 75, indicating greed but not yet extreme greed, suggesting that there may still be room for growth in the Bitcoin market.

The 2024 Outlook for Bitcoin
The general belief is that 2024 will be even more bullish than 2023, with rising debt burdens in several states prompting a flight into hard assets like gold, real estate, and Bitcoin. However, there is speculation that the approval of a spot ETF might result in a ‘sell the news’ event. It is unclear how much time it will take for funds to start allocating in response to the approval, and how much BlackRock and other ETF issuers will allocate remains uncertain.

Ultimately, Bitcoin and Ethereum look firmly bullish for 2024, and there is significant optimism surrounding the future of these cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, with Bitcoin surging to new highs and the potential approval of a spot ETF, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a significant trend. While the future remains uncertain, market participants are optimistic about the bullish outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming year.

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