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Mistaken Bitcoin Sender Overpays $3M in Transaction Fees in Record-breaking Error

by Michael Stark

Bitcoin Sender Mistakenly Overpays $3M in Transaction Fees

A Bitcoin sender has made a costly mistake by paying an unprecedented $3 million in transaction fees for a single transaction. The sender intended to send 139.42 BTC, valued at around $5.1 million, but mistakenly lost 83.64 BTC in fees, leaving the recipient with only 55.77 BTC, approximately $2 million. This transaction fee sets a new record in Bitcoin’s history.

Unprecedented Error in Transaction

The costly error occurred when the sender mistakenly overpaid in transaction fees, resulting in a loss of a significant amount of Bitcoin. The record-breaking $3 million transaction fee has raised concerns and drawn attention to the potential risks of making errors in Bitcoin transactions.

Blockchain Data Reveals Costly Mistake

According to blockchain data from Bitinfocharts, the transaction was processed by Bitcoin miner AntPool in block 818087. While Bitcoin transactions can be expensive during busy periods, data from Bitinfocharts indicates that the average transaction fee on the Bitcoin network is currently $14.1.

Surge in Bitcoin Transaction Fees

This incident comes in the midst of a surge in Bitcoin transaction fees due to growing interest in Bitcoin Ordinals. Ordinals are digital assets inscribed on the smallest unit of Bitcoin, called a satoshi. The inclusion of Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain has increased network activity, resulting in higher transaction costs.

History of Costly Errors

This is not the first time such a costly error has occurred in Bitcoin transactions. In September, stablecoin issuer Paxos paid a $500,000 fee for processing a transaction worth just $2,000. Fortunately, Bitcoin miner F2Pool agreed to refund the excessive payment in that instance.

Refund and Lessons Learned

The incident with Paxos highlights the importance of addressing and rectifying costly errors in Bitcoin transactions. With the willingness of Bitcoin miner F2Pool to refund the excessive payment, there is hope for the sender who overpaid the $3 million in fees to recover the lost Bitcoin. This costly mistake serves as a reminder for all Bitcoin users to exercise caution and double-check transaction details to avoid similar errors in the future.

In Conclusion

The unprecedented $3 million transaction fee paid in error shines a spotlight on the risks and potential consequences of making mistakes in Bitcoin transactions. As Bitcoin transaction fees continue to surge, users are urged to be vigilant and take precautions to prevent costly errors in their transactions.

The incident, while unfortunate, serves as a valuable lesson for the Bitcoin community and reinforces the need for greater attention to detail in all transactions on the network.

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